It's so nice to have power!

In my adult life, I have never been without electricity for more than a few hours -- until now. Twice within the last five months we have lost power twice for more than one day. There are still (Monday) over 245,000 people in the St. Louis area without power. The next time I see generators on sale I will give it some serious thought.

My cold is almost gone, but Kris has caught it. He is miserable.

There was another dog show on TV last night. We always have to watch, but lose interest quickly after the terrier group. The commentators always talk about the terriers "attitude". I also like the Salukis.

Random thoughts

Is there something in your closet

that you loved when you bought

but now you look at it

and say

"What was I thinking".

If we were serious about fighting terrorism,

we would be on a crash program for energy independence.