The wedding

I am sure every father thinks his daughter is the most beautiful bride in the universe. But, in my case, it is true.

The wedding and reception were both wonderful.

The wedding was at Trinity Lutheran, two blocks from my first house in Soulard, a beautiful and historic church. The pastor from Trinity opened the service and then turned it over to Harley, Karl's father, who was a Lutheran missionary. Apparently, when marrying one of his other children, he had quoted Ephesians 5:22-23 and had received a lot of grief. I think Jes was explicit about not including those words in the service. Harley did a great soft shoe, dancing through Ephesians 5, without reading the offending verse. The family knew what he really wanted to say.

The reception was at Bevo Mill, another St. Louis landmark. They had a Jazz band till 9:30 and then Kris served as the DJ. I have been fortunate in both marriages to have great in-laws. I got to see a lot of Mira's relatives that I hadn't seen in many years. I met Ben and Jenorama for the first time. Tempe shouldn't have worried so much about a red dress with her red hair. She was gorgeous, as was Kelly.

Ben and Tempe are a cute couple. I danced with Kat. I had met Eric before, but had not made the connection between the Eric I rode with in the Moonlight Ramble and the Eric in Joshua's old scout troop.

Josh came over for dinner Sunday, so we got to spend some time with him. He is probably on his way to the airport as I write this. Karl and Jes are going to post wedding photos at their website.