The civil war presentation went well

I had a little trouble with the dvd player, but once I got it started people were impressed with the video.


The Petersburg campaign lasted 9 months, was spread over 176 square miles and involved 6 major battles, 11 engagements, 44 skirmishes, 6 assaults, 9 actions and 3 expeditions. The federal army suffered 42,000 casualties and Confederate 28,000.

Why Petersburg

The city of Petersburg is situated on the south side of the Appomattox River, about 23 miles south of Richmond. Petersburg's 1860 population was 18,266, half of whom were black, and nearly a third of them were free. Ninety percent of the white half were native Virginians. By 1864 the population had grown to 22,000 due to refugees and military personnel.

Petersburg's military importance was due primarily to railroads: Of the three railroads that led to Richmond from outside of Virginia, two went through Petersburg and the remaining one passed nearby. Federal occupation of Petersburg would virtually isolate Richmond and force the evacuation of the Confederate capital.