Weekend Update

Dinner & A Movie

Brand stayed with us Saturday night so he got to choose the movie. Epic Movie does have it's moments but it is best appreciated by people whose age or IQ is 15 or below. I suspect some things went over my head because I am not of the MTV generation.

Lazy Sunday

Sunday was pretty laid back. We watched two more episodes of American Gothic. I don't know if I have ever mentioned the bird feeder and bath I got for Christmas. Yesterday we counted 5 male cardinals. When I am old and senile, Sue can wheel me up to the window and I will drool on myself and watch the birdies.

Yesterday afternoon I figured out how to use power point for my Immigration talk. At 10:30 last night, an hour and a half after my normal bedtime, I was walking though the talk with power point slides. I went to school this afternoon to try it on their equipment. I had to tweak some things but I think I have it down and it looks pretty good. I also have it trimmed to about 15 minutes.

Busy Week

Immigration talk Tuesday, Civil War talk Wednesday, Speaker Series Thursday, racquetball and ROMEO lunch Friday, Tae Kwon Do awards party Saturday.